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Speech_My dream of high school days…|りゅうやん。ぶろぐ
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人生観 PR

Speech_My dream of high school days…



Hey guys!

I`m  Ryuyan !

This time I will talk about the future dream of high school days.


Speech contest of high school days

Speech___”My dream”


Hello, everyone.

All of us will work in the future.

We will have many different jobs.

Today I`m going to tell you about my dream for the future.




I’m a dreamer.

As it shows, I’m always dreaming.

Although I have a dream, I seldom make efforts for it.

However, in my mind I’ll become famous and work hard.

Despite this present situation, I have two I specific dreams.




My first dream is to be a cartoonist.

I like drawing pictures and creating stories.

However, I know it is a shallow idea because of only that reason.

If I don’t stick to cartoonists, there are many occupations available such as illustrators and authors.

But why do I hold by cartoonists?

It is a promise with my friends.

In my junior high schooi days, my best friends aimed to be cartoonists.

And I had many opportunities to read their works.

Being with them, I felt their attitudes toward their dreams were truly cool.

I didn’t hold any hope for the future at that time.

However, it was the moment when something special emerged in my heart.

Consequently, I decided to be a cartoonist like my friends.

I’d like to give to my readers a hope which I received from my friends.

It may be a repayment for my friends.




The other occupation which I’m curious about is a lawyer.

The fact that some adolescents of my age have committed several crimes in the last few years.

I was surprised at them.


“What happened to them?”

I was taking the crimes as my immediate problems.

Compared to these crimes, my experience is just a subtle thing but I went through a similar hard time.

So when I was thinking of if I could understand their spiritual pain and help them in any way, I encountered an autobiography.

It is ‘Dakara Anatamo lkinuite(So Can You)’ written by Mitsuyo Ohira.

After she herself had experience of juvenile delinquency and became a lawyer to deliver young people from similar bad situations.

I was strongly impressed by the book and  felt…,

“I Want to be a human like her.”


from now on…


Looking back at various things, I realize I think of a variety of things every day, but everything just remains daydream.

However, I’ve decided to change this situation.

To achieve either dreams, I’ll do my best with great efforts.

Thank you.






Thank you for reading!

See you next time! (^_^)v


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